Burn by Night IV

2018 line up

A prolific songwriter with a diverse pool of influences including the likes of Patty Griffin, Jane Tyrell and Kirsten Hersh, Justine is definitely someone to be watched as she pokes her head up in the Sydney alt country-roots-folk scene with a fresh take defying stereotypes and a voice that captivates and inspires.
Her debut album, “A Long Way From Home” was awarded the Anthony Lycenco Best Album Award at the Nimbin Roots ARMAs in 2017.

With this album and an EP, “Conversations with Crows” under the belt, Justine launched her latest single “Bird Song” on February 24th 2018. Bird Song was recorded by Michael Carpenter, who also produced a film clip beautifully illustrating the heart felt tale of a woman emerging from the grief of love lost to find the love gained.

Currently a digital release Bird Song will also appear as a bonus track on up and coming full length album “A Pair of Dreamers”. due out in late 2018 to be produced by Paul Greene.

Justine Wahlin

Mr Bamboo - After over a decade of playing and nonsense, with a few years hiatus here and there due to life abroad, the Mr Bamboo trio is...well...still doing it! And why not, it makes us happy and it's free therapy.
The sounds of Mr Bamboo could be described as gypsy swing meets the likes of Tom Waits, Devo and Ween, blended into an awe inspiring daiquiri to form this amusing and highly original skank/jazz/noise/pop trio that is sweet, fulfilling, drunk and eventually sour.
Made up of Ba on Guitar and sounds, Am on Vocals and Violin and Boo on Bass/percussion/vocals and loops, Mr Bamboo produce a humorous sound that combines acoustic instruments with Lo Fi electronics. 
Mr Bamboo explores complex human traits from paranoia, relationships, cleanliness, adventure, physical expression of desire and the taboos that surround such delicate issues, all without having to resort to a shred of seriousnesses.
Mr Bamboo will either make you laugh, cry, contemplate or drunk.
Do come along. Thanks.

Mr Bamboo

<b>Jasmine Beth</b> writes and sings folk tales about sailors, devils, ancient Greek legends, Shakespearean characters and madness. Audiences enjoy her jazzy vocal stylings, stripped back guitar and warm stage presence. She spends most of her time on the road, touring Australia and the UK every year. In 2014, she was a finalist in the Australian Songwriting Contest and, in 2010, runner up in the Sydney Singer-Songwriters’ Competition. Please come prepared to drink more red wine than really necessary. 
<blockquote>“Her lyrics are authentic and her storytelling is sincere.” – Markos Papadatos, Indie Music Editor, Suite 101.</blockquote>

<blockquote>“Jasmine’s songs ranged through a string of rhythms and meters that spoke honestly, with a sense of the poetic.” – Eric Pozza, Canberra Jazz</blockquote>

<a href="https://jasminebeth.net">https://jasminebeth.net/</a>
<a href="https://www.facebook.com/jasminebeth/">https://www.facebook.com/jasminebeth/</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/user/jasminebeth">https://www.youtube.com/user/jasminebeth</a>

Jasmine Beth

<div class="w3-center">Cloud Bird - Poetry and folk collide with foot tapping, road trip sing alongs, entwining guitars, harmaonies, girl-boy, yin-yang, north-south, land-sea Cloud Bird.</div>

Cloud Bird

Pete Fenwick has been performing in the local scene of Sydney for around 8 years and is sounding fresher and sweeter than ever. After head lining venues such as; The Annandale Hotel, Metro Transit lounge, Landsdowne Hotel and the Hopetown Hotel, he has gathered a wealth of wisdom and experience which has brought him to his current songs and live performance. His dominant flavor through the past has been soaked with funky grooves, heart felt rhythms and lyrical unity. After his last band 'Monster stomp'; a high energy funk, scar rock band, Peter has morphed into a short and sweet package of groovy rhythms, fun and sneaky lyrics with an intense performing show that can only be expressed with a raw acoustic guitar and an old Australian amp ( a Leonard ).

Peter Fenwick

From Goulburn NSW below the foothills of the Cookbundoon Ridges and in the shadow of the revolving light of Rocky Hill comes the "Stump Jumpers" band of Americana Country players who share a love of singing and playing music.
Formed in 2015 sitting and singing on the veranda of the Goulburn Club, the band consists of Greg Angus (guango &amp; vocals) originally from Rotterdam New York and Griz Kitchener (slide dobro) originally from Swinging sixties London. Together they play loose arrangements of favourite songs affectionately referred to as their "music with the dirt left on!"

The Stump Jumpers

<div class="w3-center">
    <b>Balaclava Weather</b> layer fierce vocals over dreamlike melodies to create their own brand of vandalised electronic punk. Narcotic. Uninhibited. Unapologetic. Their pop crimes explore the latitude of raw, unfiltered human emotion. They endeavour to capture the colour of the new Australian gothic.
Self-titled Balaclava Weather album set for release Winter 2017

Balaclava Weather

<div class="w3-center"><b>Matt Thomson</b> - Since composing and performing the music for the sell-out season of indie theatre hit 'Macondo's Clothesline' last year, Matt has been hard at work creating new solo material. Matt's songs have been described as having a rare tenderness and poignancy. In addition to his own material, Matt also performs songs that he's co-written with lyricist Eli Desovska. The result is a richly varied collection of original gems, with an indie-folk bent.</div>

Matt Thomson

<div class="w3-center">Hammer Switch are a 5 piece high-octane dynamic rock band hailing from God's country; Cronulla, NSW. The band has been dropping the hammer and flipping the switch for a little over a year now, however this short amount of time only belies the quality of the music that we as a band produce. Coming together as mates, old and new, with decades of musical know-how shared between us, we had been united by a hunger to put rock & roll of all forms back into the spotlight. Put simply, we are looking to make our dreams a reality, chase our passions and give the people what they really want. We pride ourselves on delivering high energy shows around the local area and wherever anyone will have us. So, regardless of whether you're into thumping ballads that give you them feels, or prefer balls out / ink out riffs combined with face-melting solos resurrected from the 80's, Hammer Switch has the prescription you need</div>

Hammer Switch

<div class="w3-center"><b>Tony Wilson</b> - Tony started out playing in pubs in the Blue Mtns at the age of 15…and has been playing music ever since. The weekly Bundeena Open Mic nights were started by Tony & Phil Gissing in 2004, and many fantastic musical combos have evolved from this.  He has a wealth of musical material (modern blues/rock), and is apparently one of the best purveyors of Oz Rock in the nation (thanks Frazer!)!</div>

Tony Wilson



2018 marks the return of film to Burn By Night. Throughout the weekend we will be screen several cult classic movies from the golden age of cinema. Watch our Facebook group for the gory details.


I WON A SMOKER. So it seems like a good idea for us all to share in delicious smoked meats. Imma prepare a brisket or something similar for us all to share on Firday night. And I might make another one for Saturday night but y'all have to keep your kids away from the scalding heat for that to be feasible lol. . It's all included as part of your ticket price, but it will be first come, first served. But this is not a fully catered festival. You need to bring enough food to feed yourself or else you will be so so hungry by Monday morning. We encourage you to prepare and share food on site - there are pizza ovens, BBQs and a full kitchen for all who need them. Or prepare delicious camp food on or in the fire.


23rd Mar - 25th Mar 2018

The Yurtfarm

1688 Range Rd, Goulburn, New South Wales 2580

For those who are new to this, let me fill you in on how this works. Burn By Night is Australia's most exclusive festival, providing a smorgasbord of live music under the Goulburn night sky, for a fraction of the cost of one of those fancy pants city festivals. If you're seeing this post, that means you made the cut and are officially invited.

Yurts Baby!!
Yurts Baby!!

The festival takes place on the beautiful Goulburn Yurt Farm. By day this place is a hobby farm aimed at kids so the festival is kid and family friendly. If you're curious what a Yurt Farm is, well, I'm glad you asked. It's one of those Smurf houses in the title picture of this FB event. That's right - if you get in quick you can secure one of these perfect little cottages for yourself. Some have wee kitchens, some have working fireplaces, all of them are fantastic.

An average yurt sleeps around 6 adults, and spaces are limited, so please get in fast if you want to secure a yurt berth.

And hey if Smurfs freak you out, you can pay less to sleep in your own tent or campervan. Camping spaces are UNLIMITED!!!


Tickets are available on a per-person per-night basis, and can be purchased here

Prices are...

  1. Yurt: $35 per person per night
  2. Camping $25 per person per night
  3. Kids under 12 are free :)
  4. Musicians are free

what to bring

Hey everyone, see below a list of useful information on essentials to bring and details of some of the commodities the farm has to offer:

What to bring:

  1. Bring your tickets. You buy your tickets here and you can print them out from the eventbrite website. If you forget your tickets, it's ok. The kid on the door will have your name on hand. If you don't buy ticket's you'll have to buy them at the gate, so you'll need cash, we cant take cards at the gate. It will make your entry (fnar) go so much smoother if you buy your tickets in advance and print them out.
  2. Water.
  3. Food. You have to eat dude. So bring food for yourself for the weekend. It's really nice if you can bring something to share as well, people get a kick out of that. On Friday there will be a smorgasboard of smoked lamb but they'll disappear fast I guarantee.
  4. Esky and ice. Please bring lots of ice (there're no fridges and electricity)
  5. Torch/lamps
  6. Camping bedding.
  7. Festival (rain) poncho (just in case)
  8. Toilet paper. Oh my god, how important is this? Imagine if you forgot to bring toilet paper and you had to go tent to tent asking to borrow a few squares from each tent. That would be mortifying. Go put the toilet paper in the back of the car now while you think about it.
  9. A tent if you require one. If you didn't book and pay for a yurt already then you require one.
  10. Wellies. Or stilletos. Your call. It's a farm though.
  11. Insect repellent
  12. First aid supplies
  13. Something warm
  14. Bin bags. We ask that everyone leaves the farm as we found it. Please take as much of your own rubbish away with you.
  15. Camping chairs and rugs if you require
  16. There are a few saucepans and utensils in the little camping kitchen so you may find something to cook with or in.

    There will be open fires, a BBQ and pizza ovens which you can use to cook on and in.

    I can't stress enough that you will not want to leave the yurt village to get supplies from town due to the 30 min drive, and the extreme awesomeness of the venue and talent, so ensure you bring enough food and drink to last you the weekend.